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  • Speak to me
    I just had a conversation about Social-Media and “Filter bubbles”. Lost in my own bubble, my own opinion. One forgets what really is. In such moments, its most important to hear. To hear when he talks with you.
  • Glimpse
    I ran so far, but you still love me. It only took a moment, with you. A Glimpse on a life with purpose, and I knew: Life where the light is, is exactly where you want me, and I never…
  • Why is the sky blue?
    So seemingly simple things are so complex. Actually is the world colorless. But why? 🤔 Why did God create such a beautiful world which then has no colour? Not exactly – the objects around you are indeed colorless but that’s…
  • Thanks!
    God is great! And yet he makes himself small in order to become man, to forgive our sins. God is wide! And yet he is with you, and with me. God is mighty! And yet he did nothing when Jesus…
  • Prayers
    We talk everyday to people. Whether we ask for chewing gum at the checkout or tell someone how the day was. Have you ever talked to someone who was not standing in front of you? Definitely, via Skype or WhatsApp.…
  • Brave
    Overcome the own piggydog. Jump over your own shadow. Be brave, it will be alright. That are all sayings that should give someone courage. Sayings that point to the light at the end of the tunnel.Sayings that say: “Nothing can…

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