β€žThanks for your purchase!β€œ – Saying thanks starts so small and can get so big.

“Thanks” an almost inconspicuous word, with so big meaning.

Especially right now in the Christmas season, where all the Couch Potatoes come crawling out of their caves to buy Christmas presents. Then just say thank you.

“So now we are all happy!”

D. Altendorf

That sounds wierd. You can’t just be happy at the push of a button.

A very clear yesn’t.

Stefan Hartmann

Yes: You can find reasons to be happy. For example: the Nature, how it was made by god. The animals how they were made, with so much thought behind it. And we – we humans – we are the crown of the creation. πŸ‘‘

No: sure, when you are sad, everything around you is stupid, and you just want to leave. Then it’s not so easy to be happy.
But you still can see the leaves, πŸ‚ that fall from the trees. You can still see Gods Creation.

This observation is hard. To come back to the Couch Potatoes from the beginning: It is hard, when you have everything at one place – with smartphones and laptops. It is hard, when you only leave the house to quickly buy Christmas presents. Then “just be happy” becomes a real challenge.

What is the difference between a maple and a beech?

A quick Google Search and the question is solved.

But when in those 5 minutes was I happy now?

Right, I didn’t really experience happiness.

But I can take this fact, and enjoy God’s creativity.

Joy and Happiness aren’t things that “just happen”.

I have to actively decide, to be happy. I have to have a reason.

The reason can be really anything, a beautiful landscape or that my father just said to me: “Be happy.”

Happiness is never without reason.
But sometimes it’s hard to discover that reason.

Benjamin Hartmann

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