Overcome the own piggydog.

Jump over your own shadow.

Be brave, it will be alright.

That are all sayings that should give someone courage. Sayings that point to the light at the end of the tunnel.
Sayings that say: “Nothing can happen, and if something happens, everything will be fine. But is it that way?

Thats like food: sugar gives you a big, but short energy boost – after that you are long tired. Thats the same with these sayings.

These sayings give you a big, but short boost of hope and courage – after that you fall down a even bigger hole.

These sayings help you to risk the next step, but when you are in the dilemma – these sayings sound like laughter over your own situation.

But by God, its different – God does not laugh at you – he want’s to help you. He catches you, when you fall.

God doesn’t sit at the end of the tunnel, he turns the light in tunnel on.

He guides you out of your dilemma.

God is a father. God is a friend.

When we need courage, he gives us courage and strengh, the only thing that we need to do is: belive.

The covenant between you and god, he demands nothing – but belief.

Only courage – he guides us to the water spring, and to the juicy willow.

Overcome the own piggydog – that holds us back, hinders us.

Jump over your own shadow – leave the dark behind and turn to the light.

Take the Oropax out of your ear – hear him.

Swallow the Cookies – talk with him.

Become calm – think, praise, pray, sing.

Rainbow 🌈 – God promises, he has a covenant with you. You are his masterpiece.

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